April 22, 2014

It's Earth Day!

Hi everybody!  It's Piewhackits for today's Earth Day post - the day we all get to show some extra love to Mama Earth.  Extra, on account of I know you great guys love and take good care of our home, Earth, everyday.

Piewhackits on Earth Day 2014

We hope you enjoy the Earth tree our Mumsy drew for today.  Thank you, Ms. Ann, at Zoolatry, for the super cute Earth Day graphic!

Earth Day 2014

Everybody have a happy.  Be kind to our Earth, and to each other.
Hugs and love to all our wonderful Friends!


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April 20, 2014

Duchess Does Easter

We hope all our wonderful friends have happy and blessed holidays... Passover and Easter good wishes and peace to everyone!

Mumsy has been having a terrible time with her allergies.  They've been making her feel really yucky.  So she only made one kitty hat!  ...and some yellow tulips.  Our grande dam, Duchess dons her Easter bonnet to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter.

Duchess does Happy Easter 2014


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April 14, 2014

Oliver on Mancat Monday

Hi everybody!  Today, Oliver is going to show off some of his foof.  Oliver is a peacekeeper and just wants us all to get along.  He's got his paws full with that one!


And this is his picture Mumsy water colored and Ms. Ann at Zoolatry used in our header...in our totally-cute-regular header, not-the-totally-cute-special-Easter header we have up right now.


We've been having storms here.  We hope everyone stays safe as they move on across.  And hey!  Have a happy today.


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April 11, 2014

We've been interviewed!

Hi wonderful friends!

We are very excited.  The Funny Farmer Felines over at Jan's Funny Farm interviewed us!  

It was a lot of fun.  Sneaky Pie wants everyone to know they brought excellent nom-noms with them.  He's an expurrrt on nom-noms, so he knows.

They fixed up this super neat picture in honor of our fantastic interview.

Sooooo, you can check out our interview here:  Quite Cute Kwee Cats

And have fun!  Hey, Happy Weekend Eve, everybody!

April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Marg!

We are so happy today to join our wonderful friends in wishing
a super very Happy Birthday!

We used the great picture Ms. Ann at Zoolatry so kindly shared and
added some classy and fun party hats for everyone.
Then, what's a Birthday without cake??!!??!!


Ms. Marg, you have a heart that is true gold.  We hope you have a wonderful and happy Birthday....
and many, many, more.

Hugs, love and kitty kisses!


April 4, 2014

Absent for a few days


I am very susceptible to sinus and ear infections. Right now, I have an ear ache, or infection, that is causing me excruciating pain.  My best escape till it passes is medication and sleep.  I apologize I won't be able to visit blogs or post till it's more near to gone.  I don't forget or ignore any of you.  I just don't feel good and this hurts a lot.  Rather than just disappearing, I wanted you all to know what was going on, as you've all been so very kind to me and The Cats.

Thank you.