June 4, 2014

We're Hugging Cats Today

We agree with all our wonderful friends that actually every day is Hug Your Cat Day.  But we also like that a special day has been set just for it.  So....hug a cat!  Come on, you know you want to....

Piewhackits speaks out for Hug Your Cat Day.

May 23, 2014

Odysseus Nose Glow

Nope, it's not the flash from the flashy box.  It's the glow of a sunpuddle on Odysseus' nose and toes!


May 19, 2014

They're Back!

The furkids all made it home, safe and having had great fun!

To the Pawrents who participated in the Pawrent House-trashing party, "While the Cats Were Away", we had the Butler paw up this way cool and much sought after Official Badge of Participation especially for you: 
Those Pawrents chiefly being from:

We humbly thank you for Mumsy-sitting for us while we were gone.  And please, our Senior Legal Adviser said to be sure and add this disclaimer to any who choose to proudly display the above-offered badge of participation, we, at Kwee Cats and Art, cannot be held in any way liable for the impact, be it positive or negative, it's display may have on your current reputation or community standing.

And, HEY!  ... ... ...  Have a happy!

May 17, 2014

While the Cats are Away

The Kwee CATS are all gone.....

They went away with their Cat Scouts and Friends...

Meanwhile, back at the mansion....

Kwee MUMSY is having a house trashing party for all the PAWRENTS.   All PAWRENTS are invited and welcome!

Please, everyone, have a happy!

May 15, 2014

Happy Straw Hat Day 2014

It's finally here!  Straw Hat Day!


Everybody, put on your straw hat and have a happy today!


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May 12, 2014

Mancat Monday and Stuff

Yup, it's me, Sneaky Pie, and yup, it's Mancat Monday.  Wow, were we ever busy all weekend.  Sammy's super Blogaversary parties, Raz's Birthday parties, Mother's Day...busy and lots of fun.  So, today....

Now, as for the "Stuff" part of our Post:  We also have some photos of some friends we want to share.

And, we got some news!  Yup!  We did it!  We signed up.  And we have never been happier :-) 

However you spend the day, enjoy it!  And hey, don't forget to have a happy!


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