June 21, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday, Our First

Today we bees doing our first Tuxie-Tuxedo Tuesday. We Kwee Cats has two Tuxedo Cats :-)

First, we has Domino. He is second oldest. Duchess is our oldest. Domino is our kitty family patriarch and statesman. If one of our kitty squabbles bumps into him, he settles it just real quick. We wuz our Domino :-)

Next we has Odysseus. She's a girl. She bees one of Pungy's kittens. (Sneaky Pie and Piewhackits are the other two.) When she was first born-ded, silly Mumsy thought Odysseus was a baby Tom. Pungy and her babies stayed in the upstairs bathroom. Odysseus was the Explorer and firstest one to come alls the way down the stairs by herselfs. On account of such exploring bravery, she gots her name. When Mumsy figured out later she was a girl, her name still stuck! Names are funny like that.

We hope you liked our firstest intro-duck-shuns of our Tuxedo Kwee Cats! And we hope alls everybody has a happy kinda day =^.^=


Marg said...

Domino and Odysseus, you two are very nice tuxedo kitties.We love both of your markings. The tuxedo is one of Mom's favorite color of cats. She had a wonderful cat called Sassy a long time ago. Take care and have a fun day.

Brian said...

That was a great Tuxie Tuesday, y'all are way cool!

Hannah and Lucy said...

As a tuxie myself I can say what an honour it is to meet you two tuxies. We hope you will enjoy getting to meet everycat.
Luv Hannah and (non tuxie) Lucy xx xx

Katnip Lounge said...

You two are FINE tuxie cats! We have two at our house, also. Mommy loves classical names, although we do not have them. Odysseus, are you still an explorer?

Tillie and Georgia said...

Oh boy!!! We just love meeting you fine kitties!! You are both SO good looking :) WE also like Oliver!!
Have a super Tuxie Day!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

MoMo said...

Good to know a little more about the kitties in your family. I am a grannycat and memory is bad - therefore I need to be introduced one or two kitties at a time ;).

ABBY said...

Momma loves tuxies...she was so partial to BOO who came first that she went looking for me and had to look and look and look and then she saw me and she was so smitten. I am a lucky kitten!


Willow said...

Domino you sound like a fair statescat for your family. Odysseus I like your name and the fact that you were such an explorer.

one of Fae's humans said...

it's nice to meet you two. :) i love black & white cats! <3

p.s. Odysseus is a cool name, even for a girl. :)