August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Time

Hello Ev-furry-body!

We are excited today to be play-ticipating in Zoolatry's "Cat Talk Time".

With all us kitties around here, we sure got the cat talk too. So we voted and are posting One Of Our most favorite. That makes it an "ooo" as in "ooo, I sure do like that!"

We got - Tada! The NomNom Bag!

For it to be a NomNom Bag (NNB), it didn't have to used to have NomNoms in it, although it's very okay if it did. What makes it a NomNom bag is how it makes that wonderful crinkle-crinkle sound (or, WCCS) when you NomNom on it.

There are lots of NomNom bags out there to find when you are on your NomNom hunt (or, NNH, as in when you are CNNH, or, Commencing NomNom Hunt. After which, you are TDY on a NNH until your objective is completed in this House, Mister). In this case, Sneaky Pie has discovered this one under one of the bathroom sinks. He also likes to play bunny-kicks with the toilet paper rolls. But here, he is demonstrating the NomNom Bag discovery. Mumsy won't let him demon-strate the toilet paper bunny-kicks, so maybe that's for another post.

Sneaky Pie has to always put this particular NomNom Bag back in the cabinet when Mumsy is ready to leave. That way he can find it and sneak it out over and over till it gets what she calls the "worn out effect" (or WOE). When that happens it disappears. But not to worry, wonderful friends, a new NomNom Bag, or some sort of toy (a SSOT), will be found someplace near by to where The Disappeared One (TDO) was last seen.

We hope you have enjoyed our contribution to "Cat Talk Time" and we thank everyone for visiting us. We'll be around to visit you guys ASAP.

TTFN =^~^=


Hannah and Lucy said...

We love your NomNom Bag - we don't have a bag for our nom noms - we'll keep an eye open for one.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

NomNom Bag is the purrfect word!

The Island Cats said...

We love to nom so your NomNom Bag is purrfect!!

Willow said...
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Willow said...

Sneakie Pie sorry I read the wrong name I wandered. You make good work of your NomNom Bag this added to my cat dictionary as I never had a name for these bag now thanks to you I will know what to call it.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We love that, think "nomnom bag" is excellent! This is a new one for us....Whoever suggested we need a cat dictionary had a great idea! (Someone's post today.)

ABBY said...

Sneakie Pie
We know the sound of the nomnom bag too well and I will follow that sound everywhere! I love me some nomnoms!

Daisy said...

I wish I had a nom-nom bag!


A nom-nom bag looks like a great thing to have!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Mr. Pip said...

I need a nom-nom bag right now!

Your pal, Pip

Mr Puddy said...

I didn't have nom-nom bag, but I have nom nom box..tee hee

PS : Thanks for the new words

Lucy the Cat said...

Simba is a huge fan of NomNom bags! He's glad he knows the name of these nommy things. Also, yes, it's funny how they usually don't start off as having NomNoms.

Fun post!

Thanks for your sweet comment today. We'll have an update soon.

BeadedTail said...

NomNom Bag is a great word! We need a NomNom Bag here too because it looks like you really enjoy it!

Clooney said...

Oh theese one is a good one! Good word and good demonstration folks!