October 31, 2021

Angels like Halloween too.

While helping us with Angel updates to our photos, Ann at Boolatry, surprised us with this fantastic costume for Angel Sneaky Pie! We LOVE it! We can proper Trick or Treat now. Thank you, Ann.
For funs, we found this super cute lion! Can't you just hear that roar?!?! We bet he gets lots of treats!
Everyone have a wonderful, fun, safe Halloween.

October 29, 2021

Happy Friday

We found this photo of a kitty that's purrfect for Happy Friday.
Our Angel Sneaky Pie with his sisfur, Piewhackits. We miss you so much, Sneaky.
Hope you enjoy the flowers. (#30DaysofFlowers #JohannaBasford)
I have not been feeling well. My blood sugar and blood pressure has been all over the place, aggravating mood swings. Thank you for visiting us. We hope everyone has a good weekend!

October 19, 2021

Wordless Wednesday and Toctober 2021

Yup! We can be wordless. Yup. Meowless, now that's a different discussion.
For our Toctober contribution, we did a study of our different tocks. Here's what we came up with.
Okay folks, we are done for today! Thank you for coming to visit us. Hugs to everyone.