September 4, 2017

It was Laila and Minchie!

Hi everyone! Sneaky Pie here on a Mancat Monday, hoping everyone is enjoying a labor-free Labor Day!

And hey! We finally got our commenting going again. It was Laila and Minchie who fixed our problem with not being able to leave comments! When we clicked to leave a comment at their blog, a prompt to log in and stuff came up. After we did it, we could leave comments all over the place! So, we are sending extra big hugs to Laila and Minchie :-)

Ok, Friends. The clock on the wall says numbers o'clock, and that's nap time. So I'll see you guys later! Have a happy :-)


September 2, 2017

Its Only Been Forever

Well, it has! Its only been forever since we’ve done a post here! Oliver and Piewhackits are so disgusted…its been a whole year!
Good thing the blog does not get as dusty as the house does.

We’ve missed all our wonderful friends. Hugs and love to you all.

P.S., We've been having a lot of trouble with Blogger and leaving comments. When I click on "Publish" the comment just goes away. I don't know how to fix it. A lot of our visits to blogs don't get comments from us then. When I can, I try and leave a comment on Facebook at the link to a post. Sorry, guys :-(