November 8, 2011

Tuxedo Window Whiffies

Whew! We still having posting problems! When we tried to do this post earlier, it came out all wrong. When we tried to fix it, we kept getting errors from Blogger :-( We ended up having to just delete it and now we trying again!

We doing a Tuxedo Gang Hideout post with two of our tuxedos. Odysseus is up in the window and Domino is trying to whiff around her since he can't whiff through her.

"Oh! Hi Domino!"

We hope Evfurryone has a happy today.
Thank you!

November 1, 2011

Tuxie Toes and Nose

We doing a Tuxie Gang post, and we gots tuxie Odysseus toes and nose. When she's sleeping is the best time to gets them, otherwise the picture comes out all blurred.

Tuxie Odysseus Toes and Nose

We hopes Evfurryone gets a smile today.
Thank you, our wonderful friends.