July 15, 2016

Fill-Ins, Art, Weather and Stuff

Yup, we got a little bit of everything!

First, we saw several friends doing this fill-in and we thought it looked like a lot of fun.  We took turns answering one each.

Ellen cat badge 2 1

Week 10, July 18, 2016:
1. I prefer ________________ to ________________.
2. ____________________ was much harder than I expected. 
3. One way that I relax is                                    .
4.                always makes me                     .
Our Answers:
1. Pungy: I prefer ice cream to milk.
2. Sneaky Pie: Getting that Dorito sack to tump over was much harder than I expected.
3. Mumsy: One way that I relax is creating my Art.
4. Duchess: A treat always makes me very happy.
To do one yourself go here: To Mcguffey’s Reader (http://mcguffysreader.blogspot.com) or here: To 15 and Meowing.com (http://www.15andmeowing.com)
We checked out the weather this morning as Mumsy refilled the Bird TV scripts with seeds to line up the birds for the day.
Filling Bird Feeders 2016 Jul 15 0725
Mumsy did some art... 
Red Flowers in July and Butterflies 2016 Jul 15
And she shared some about how it was done...
Making Red Flowers and Butterflies 2016 Jul 15
And the other day…Piewhackits showed off her technique for getting comfy. 
Piewhackits July 2 2016
We hope everyone has a happy today - hugs and love to you all, our Wonderful Friends.

July 10, 2016

Thank You and Memorial for Our Domino

First, thank you all, our wonderful and dear Friends for all your love and kindness, thoughts, wishes and words.  It all helped far more than we could express, especially right now.  With teary eyes we’ve read memorial posts of friends, but never had any idea it’d be so hard for us to write one of our own.

Thank you Mrs. Ann (https://zoolatry.blogspot.com) for this wonderful image you made for us.  That she used some of my own art for the background made it all the more special.  Domino often snoopervised my artistic endeavors offering his opinions as I worked.

Domino OTRB by Ann

IMG 3634

“No, really…it looks just like a tree."

Domino was a proud Cat Scout.  On days he was feeling good, he loved hanging out with his wonderful Brother and Sister Cat Scouts in his beloved Den, Raz’s Rumblers.

Domino Cat Scout

He and his brofur, Oliver were very close, even on days Domino was not feeling so good.  After earning his own Laserbeam Eyes Badge, he helped Oliver earn his too.

Domino Oliver Laser Eyes OTRB POST

As Domino made his way to his Rainbow Bridge, Oliver sang The Song of His People to guide him.  Like Oliver, who joined us after Domino had, Domino was a stray that came to make his home here with us.  At about the same time Domino joined us, Schubert also joined us.  Schubert had run away from a terrible home where the humans were arrested for manufacturing meth.  Schubert’s health had been affected by the fumes.  But he was with us long enough to be very loved and a brother to Domino.  We have no doubt Schubert and many other friends were at the Bridge to welcome Domino and show him the way.

 He loved rolling in cat nip!

IMG 7395

 He drooled over chick-hen till I finally just HAD to share mine with him.

IMG 3417

He’d play Hide-N-Seek with his little sisfur, Piewhackits.

IMG 2297

….and sometimes with me.

IMG 2084

He was handsome, sweet, loving, and a most wonderful companion - good days and bad days, for either of us.

IMG 2634

He had a cancer we could not do anything about.  My focus, especially in the past weeks, was on keeping him eating and as comfortable as I could.  After he left for the Bridge, I focused on tending to him and my son as we laid him to rest in a grave my son, Chris, dug for him on family land.  It was not until I began my going-to-bed routine and was refilling the big kibble bowl the kitties share that I really felt Domino’s absence.  As I scooped kibble into the dish, he’s always head-bump my arm spilling it all over the floor.  Friday night, no kibble was spilled and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Domino OTB 2016 Jul 8

IMG 3639

Domino was a lot of things to each of us.  Too much to even try and include it all here.  Missed is what he will always be - missed, and our Angel - Angel Domino KweeCat.  I believe he chose to go first so he’d be there to help show the rest of us the way.

Thank you everyone for visiting our memories here today.  We’ll share more in days to come - for now, just thank you.  Hugs and love to all our wonderful Friends.  Its amazing how empty life would be without you all, and without the fur-members of our families.


July 9, 2016

Our Domino Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Our Domino made his trip across his Rainbow Bridge Friday morning, July 8. He'd been sick for a while and was at home, with me and the rest of his family with him. Our Oliver sang The Song of His People as Domino made his way across his Bridge. Little Piewhackits got so upset, she got sick and lost her kibble. Domino was our Patriarch Kitty, the embodiment of cat dignity and charm, always loving. Our hearts are very sad and we miss him. He was 12 years old. I'll do a better memorial post later. Hugs and love to all our wonderful Friends.

Domino OTB 2016 Jul 8