July 27, 2012

A Pungy Kind of Birthday

Hi Evfurryone!

This year's celebration is not quite as big as last year's big do. But we got our party hats on for Pungy.


Big special thank you to Mr. Eric and Mr. Flynn. And Happy Birthday to their Daddy too! Pungy just loves sharing this birthday day with him. Big thank you to Alasandra The Cats and A Dog, all you guys are just great. Another big thank you to wonderful Jan and everyone at her Funny Farm. Nicki and Derry, you guys and your Mom are just the best Fuzzy Tales. We so thank all you guys for remembering Pungy's birthday today. Our Mumsy We had actually been in so many ups and downs lately that we had thought to just celebrate today...with no special post! quietly. But you guys all came along and just brightened everything up! We appreciate that.

Pungy especially appreciates all the love on her birthday!

Thank you, evfurrybody!


We got plenty of this... Nom-noms Salmon fishes!


And plenty of Catnips for evfurryone - the bartender is standing by to mix your Niptini or draw you a Nip-ale now! We got plenty of Fizzy and Moo Juice for the younger ones.

Just evfurrybody has a happy!





We know a little gray cat that sure will!




July 25, 2012

Overdue Thank You for Our Award

First and overdue...we want to thank Oui Oui at Twinkletoe Tails for our award! We appreciate it and it sure gave us a big smile right when we needed it. We sorry it took us so long to get to it, but that doesn't mean we mean it any less when we say we thank you for thinking of us.

Seven things about us...hmmmm...there is seven of us, so we each get to say one thing!

1. Duchess is the eldest, so she goes first.

I love niptinis and my comfy bed.

2. Domino is next oldest.

I'm the senior Mancat here. I love sunpuddles and lounging on top of the refrigerator.

3. Pungy, Miss Liddy Punge, is the next in line.

Hello! I'm Mumsy's little constant companion. My fur is as soft as velvet and so is my paw when I pat Mumsy's arm. I'm curious about everything and help my Mumsy with everything. And I'm as sweet as sweet can be.

4. Oliver is just a little bit younger than Pungy.

Attention me! I wuz attentions, the more the better - constant is best! See my foofy self? Aren't I just so handsome? And I love treats, especially any kind of treat.

"The Three Kittens" are next, even though they haven't been kittens for a few years now. Just before Pungy could get her "surgery" she fell out the living room window. A longer story short, she came back home several days later "in the family way" or "with kitten." Mumsy just so glad to have her home. Her babies were welcomed into the family.

5. Sneaky Pie is the Mancat of "The Three".

I am Mumsy's little bitty biggie boy! She spoils me rotten. I love nacho Doritos and will steal, I mean sneak, them off your plate when you're not looking!

6. Next is little girl Piewhackits.

Hi! I wuz toys! I wuz to play. My name came from one of Mumsy's favorite authors, Agatha Christie. It was the name of a cat in one of the Hercule Poirot mysteries. So I'm named after somebody famous!

7. Then there is little girl Odysseus.

Hello. I am my CatDaddy Junior's sweetie. I wuz him so much. I was the first of "The Three" to adventure downstairs. (Truth is I just wanted to get away from the other two!) So, I gots the name Odysseus. When I got older, and they realized I was a little girl...well, the name just stuck. My nick-name is "Dimples" another is also "Yes-Yes", on account that is what I like to hear. So, I am especially happy that it's our new friend, Oui Oui, who gave us this super award!


We thank all you guys for reading through this kinda long windy post. We want you all to know, each of you keeps us inspired - especially when you'd least expect that you have. We know many of you guys already gots this award or one sort of alike it. But we want all of you guys to has it now, so please has it! We do want to use now though to give some special thank you, beyond sweet Oui Oui who gave it to us.


Fuzzy Tales

Manx Mnews

Mr. Pip

Brian's Home


Cat's Cats


Thank you all our dear Friends! Now get out there and has a happy!



July 20, 2012

Happy Friday and Friends

This Friday, we are rembering and thinking of friends dear to us.

It's been a little over a month since sweet MoMo left for the Rainbow Bridge. We know Angel MoMo's Mom misses her a lot. Please stop by, we know she'd appreciate the hugs and purrs. We miss our beloved friend MoMo so very much.

Angel MoMo's Mieow Blog

Angel MoMo on Facebook


We are also thinking of sweet Gracie, Brian's sister, over at Brian's House and how much we know she is missing her precious Alex. At Alex's house, we know his departure for the Bridge still stings a lot. We know they would all appreciate messages from friends, purrs and sweet head bumps.

Gracie and her family at Brian's House

Alex's family at Feeling Beachie

We snuck some pictures, especially from Gracie and Alex's Engagement Party, because we wanted to remember with evfurryone some of the happier times too.

There's this song some guy Mumsy likes a whole lot sings. His name is Frank Sinnah-tree and the song's about how lucky he is to be loved. We are lucky to be loved and to have friends to love.

Don't forget to have a Happy!



July 13, 2012

A Very Busy Body

It may not look like it, but this is a very busy body.

The best, and sometimes only, pictures we ever get of Piewhackits is when she's asleep.

And when she's asleep, she is so very sweet.

Evfurrybody have a happy!



July 10, 2012

Special Purrs for Mr. Alex

Mr. Brian's Sister Gracie is asking for purrs for her beloved Mr. Alex.

Please don't forget - thank you!


Tuxie Tuesday in a Box

Tuxie Kwee Cats
Hi evfurrybody! Sneaky Pie here for today's Kwee Cats Tuxie Tuesday. We was havin' us a argument discussion over who was gonna get today's post. Mumsy got fed up with kinda tired of us each trying to out do the other. She ruined our funs. She said we had to share it. I'm just sorry my good picture had to be ruined by with the other two.

One box - different fits:

Evfurrybody have a happy, and thanks for visiting us.



July 6, 2012

Sneaky Style

Evfurrybody enjoys recreations. This is Sneaky Pie's favorite way of enjoying the ball track.

Happy Friday!



July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July from the Kwee Cats

Hello to all our dear friends! We appreciate all of you, especially those who did not let us feel forgotten.

We've been gone so long, I'm not sure how to be back. We missed posting on so many occasions. But thanks to wonderful Ms. Ann at Zoolatry, I and the Kwee Cats were able to keep up with a lot of what was going on. For several years now, I struggle a lot with something called schizoaffected disorder, arthritis and diabetes. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I just get so depressed I loose how to be me. So it's an ongoing learning kind of thing for me. How to be, now. With my sweet kitties leading the way, as usual, we are just taking one day at a time; and sometimes one hour at a time.

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!

And to our Canadian friends, a belated Happy Canada Day!

Everyone have a happy!


Thank you! Kwee and the Kwee Cats >^~^<