August 20, 2012

Easy Tuxedo Tuesday



Sneaky Pie is showing how he utilizes the cabinet shelf in front of the back window.


Tuxedo Gang Hideout

2012-07-18 11.24.21

We hope evfurryone enjoys their Tuesday Day!

P.S., Our Mumsy has shared another one of her awful and odd little drawings, here: Odd Little Drawing, AnotherIF anyone wants to check it out…we can’t imagine why anyone would want to…she spends way to much time with her ink pens and paper that she should spend attending to us!

August 7, 2012

The Kwee Cats' World Cat Day 2012

Today is THE Day! The Day we all come together to celebrate Cats!

We picked some of our very cat favorite stuff to share on World Cat Day!

Toys, attire, and the best crinkly paper napping beds!

Cat eyes and cat decor!

Family laps and friends we wish we could get closer.

And an Angel sweet MoMo who hangs out here with her friends, always in our hearts.
We hope evfurryone has a wonderful and happy-happy World Cat Day, 2012!
Hugs and love to all our dear Friends!