December 5, 2012

Window Wednesday

Charlotte, over at Angel MoMo's Blog did a Window Wednesday post. We loved the idea so much, we decided to copycat her join her.


This is Piewhackits checking out the outdoor activities. You can tell this is the kitty window on account of all the furs on the edge of the curtain we like to hide in.

Everyone has a happy today!     =^~^=

December 4, 2012

Tuxedo Gang Member Domino

The Tuxedo Gang Hideout000 Nov TGH Header

Mumsy has been making Christmas cookies. We have been helping. Domino shows how he helps with the cleaning up part.


Evfurryone have a happy!


Awards! Thank you :-)

Our very ownest Piewhackits gots her very ownest award!

Bring on the Nip!


Piewhackits gives a super big thank you to Carl over at Oui Oui's Twinkletoe Tails. She says, “I never gots an award all my owns before! I so excited.” This award is all about being inspired. Piewhackits thought about that a lot. Her inspiration is “happy”. She loves toys and playing, playing with the rest of the Kwee Cats, and just being happy and giving happy to evfurryone. She sees someone else happy, and she just gets all happy too. “Thank you, Carl, Oui Oui, and all the Twinkletoe Tails! Friends like you guys inspire me.” Piewhackits.

We gots a star!


We never gots stars before! Mumsy uses star maps and points them out to us from the window. Wow, we gots one right here now. That’s pretty special. Thank you so very much Diamond for gives us this one. How you gots it down from the way up there, we’ll never figure out. This blog here has all the information about the stars and how the awards work:

Now, here comes the hard part for us. With awards, you always supposed to pick others to gives them to. But, for us, evfurryone who comes to visit us and reads our posts, well, you all are our friends and deserve awards and bunches of stars. We wuz you all. It makes us sad to have to pick out only some of you. So, we want all you guys to get the awards we get! So, please, has these awards to each of you. And be happy!

That YOU have come to visit, and any smile we may give you – that is our bestest award every time it happens.

Hugs to evfurryone – and evfurryone has a happy!