May 14, 2022

Caturday Art with Piewhackits

Athena the Cat Goddess

We hope you enjoy your weekend.

May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day and Thank You

Thank you to all our wonderful Friends who came to see us and give us such kind and needed care as we learn how to miss our Odysseus. We appreciate you so much.
A very sleepy Piewhackits

Daddy's Mother. Her name is Nettie, but to me she will always be Memeer. Today is also her birthday. She was born on May 8, in 1899. I miss her.

A photo of Chris and his grandmother (my mother) taken when we had some happy during a lunch out a few years ago.
Pungy. Mommy to "The Three Kittens", Piewhackits, Odysseus and Sneaky Pie. An excellent Mommy Cat to her kittens even after they were grown. My heart smiles that we were able to keep them all together.

We send hugs and love to everyone and wish a Happy Mother's Day to everybody.

May 6, 2022

For Odysseus

My mother had breathing problems.  Fluid was accumulating because of the occluded valve in her heart.  She had to go hospital, but thankfully is now back “home” in extended care. 

Just as we were getting my mother sorted out, our tiny tuxy kitty girl, Odysseus, all of a sudden got sick.  Really very sick.  We did everything we could but in just a couple of days, she died. The Bridge lit up, and she went across it.  She was extremely close to my son, Chris.  She took her last breaths in his arms in the same spot and room she took her first breaths in.  And where he’d sit on the floor with Pungy and her three baby kittens.  I can’t believe Pungy is gone and now so are two of her kittens.  We only have Piewhackits and Oliver now.  It hurts so much.

Ann, at Zoolatry, kindly made this for us, for Odysseus. Although she was a girl, she earned her name by being the first of the three kittens to bravely leave their room, and come downstairs all by herself. Our brave little tiny tuxy girl with the itty bitty pink paws, nothing but sweetness and love.

May 3, 2022

When there are no words…

For so many reasons...