October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

We chose costumes based on some of the baddies in one of Mumsy's favorite video games, Minecraft. We hope you like them. We also hope everyone has a super fun and safe Halloween!

Trick or Treat!



October 16, 2014

No Falls Here

We been gone a long time, again. Our Mumsy had her mental problems act up and had to go away and deal with them for a while. She still has some big problems with depression, but at least she's mostly functional at a few things. Thankfully, those few things include feeding, petting and caring for us Kwee Cats. And making posts. We hope we can keep her "post functional" as we miss our friends. We hope everyone is doing okay. And we sure are sorry we weren't around and missed your events, happenings and adventures.

We decided the annual Blogosphere Trip would be a good place for us to jump back in! Especially when we saw it was going to go to Niagara Falls. We googled photos and decided, yup, that's a place for making jump ins alright.

We arrived at the hotel.

And we like our room really good. But there is just one problem with this whole thing....

Duchess says its something about needing to turn them on, but we can't figure out how! And, we gotta say, this is a pretty cool trip, but these "Falls" are not as they were pictured.


Hugs and purrs to everyone!