September 19, 2011

Meow Like a Pirate

Arrrrrr, we be the Jack Kwee Kitties an' we been ah-lookin' fur-ward teh this 'ere Meowin' ah-likes Pirates Day.

First, we figure we best find us a grand ship fur us teh weigh anchor. Captain Jack Sneak and Lass Odysseus went ah-shoppin' fur one. They found this one furst, and a fine vessel she be. Sink me, what ho that be? Cor blimey, but she's been scuttled. (Ut-oh, this one has a hole in it!)

'Ner teh be discouraged, this fine ship was soon found. All the Jack Afloats liked her well and true.

Yo-ho-ho mateys! Raise the Jolly Rogers and mancat the six pounders! It's time teh weigh anchor!

Avast! Ye scallywags... ...

Arrrrrr, we'll be ah-lookin' fur ye mateys - out on teh sea.

September 9, 2011

Mo Cats and LOL Cats

Our Mumsy had a little kitty...
One that was a stray...

Mumsy fed her, and loved her
and Miss Duchess decided to stay.
She is now matriarch, free with no pay
Here she rules all she may survey.

Domino was being abused by some children.
So from them, Cat Daddy Junior took him away.
Domino decided this is a good place
to live, sleep and play.

Poor Oliver was tossed out, thrown away.
His pretty long fur matted with dirt and clay.
He was so sweet, Mumsy asked him to please stay
Now he gives her hugs every day.

Pungy was a tiny kitten, a small gray stray.
Mumsy loved her immediately
Little Punge and Cat Daddy Junior, every day
Love to play

Then, much to our dismay,
Little Pungy fell out of the window.
Mumsy cried till finally Pungy came home
In the family way.

Pungy had, after her foray,
Three little kittens that had a lot to say
As food dishes began to look like a buffet,
Mumsy's love never did sway.

Piewhackits, Sneaky Pie and Odysseus
Joined our family on their birthday.
As each furry life, to here found their way,
Our Mumsy said Mo Cats, Mo Cats! Are very okay!

Our Mumsy had a little kitty...
One that was a stray...

Mumsy's little Sneaky Pie boy in color charcoal.

We are so excited! Miss Wendy LOL'd us! She is good at LOL'ing! We like our LOL's so much we are going to present and share them one at a time. But, we'll understand if you get excited and just has to go Miss Wendy's LOL-Spot and see them all now!

Our first one is, very appropriately, sweet Miss Duchess!

Thank you so much, Miss Wendy :-)

Oh, we got a Pee Ess too: Our Mumsy does writing Flash Fiction. But that poem is the first poem our Mumsy has written. And she did it for us! Amazing what a few Mo Cats can do for a hum-man, ain't it?

(((HUGS))) Everybody


September 4, 2011

Labor of Love Thank You to ML

Us Kwee Cats have not been in the Cat Blogosphere as long as most of our wonderful friends. But it did not take us long to figure out, it is a great place to be! So from Mumsy Kwee and all the Kwee Cats, we give big purrs and many kitty kisses with our super thank you to ML, for all the wonderful caring things she does all the time. (((HUGS))) to you, ML!

(We put Sneaky Pie to work in doing the honors holding our Thank You in place.)

Thank you, Ev-furry-body :-)