October 31, 2011

Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein

Hi Evfurryone!

We been missing all our wonderful friends so much. Our Mumsy just has not felt like doing very much at all. But it's okay, we dis got all that much more attention to help her all that much more. But that's enough of that.

With sweet Miss MoMo's gentle guidance, Miss Duchess and Piewhackits gots joined in the alliance with the beautiful Ladies of Autumn. They so excited, especially young Piewhackits. The Ladies of Autumn are having this super great Halloween Party that you guys has just gots to come see! Bess and Scout are both founding members and are waiting to greet everyone! Admiral Hestorb and MoMo are both hostesses. And you guys just won't believe all the food and treats - you dis gots to see it to believe it!

We were real worried we'd not get to go, what with Mumsy being all out of order :-( but wonderful MoMo came to our rescue and we all gets to go to the party too! Miss MoMo put a smiles on all our faces, including our Mumsy. So, we sending her just buckets of hugs and wuzes. Thank you so much, Miss MoMo. You dis mean biggie muches to us.

Zip on over and say hi to Evfurryone and has some of the best Halloween party at Castle Felinestein at this link.

And hi Evfurryone, we sure has missed you. Biggie thank you to all our wonderful friends who don't forget us.


October 8, 2011

Miss Duchess Walks Away the Pounds

First, we want to thank Mr. Brian for our wonderful Inspiration Award. Mr. Brian, we have proudly put it in our sidebar along with a link to your site when you click on it. We thank you Mr. Brian, not just for the award, but also for keeping us inspired. You and your sisters make a difference everyday, and you sure make a difference in the world to us. So, (((hugs))) and thank you so very much for thinking of us.

Next, we wanna be sure and thank everyone who sent their purrs and love out to our Mumsy. As you can see, she's finally home and inching her way back. We are helping her with every inch. Our Mumsy has what the doctors calls a disorder. She does not really like to talk about it. Sometimes, it just messes things up and she has to go in a hospital for a while. Then she comes home and we get lots of attention. She for sure wants everyone to know she deeply appreciates all the care and purrs, it sure makes her feel just bunches and bunches better. Thank you, everybody, all our sweet and wonderful friends.

Today, we are showing off our Miss Duchess. She is showing everyone how she does the "Walk Away the Pounds" exercises.

Thank you, again, everyone. And we hope ev-furry-body has a super good weekend.
(((hugs))) you guys!

October 2, 2011

Kwee Cats Livestrong

The Kwee Cats say Livestrong! Our Mumsy lost her Grandfather to lung cancer. He lived strong all the way.

Thank you, Everybody =^~^=

(P.S. We are some lucky kitties! Our Mumsy had gotten our hats on us then she went in hospital for a while. No body worry, please. It's something that just happens around here sometimes. In the meantime, our CatDaddy got her iPad and said he'd figure this out for us. And, yay! We gots our Livestrong post!)