October 30, 2012

We Got a Halloween!

After fussing so bad at Mumsy for not ever, ever, ever making us a post – AND causing us to miss everything…ev-furry-thing… We has to say, she has redeemed almost made up for it.

We got kind of worried on account her iPad is terminally ill with “no-new-operating-system-for-you” …whatever that is. So, she had to take a few days and find some programs to use on her PC. Then she had to practice some. And we got real impatient.

But, tada! Even though they’re a little rough in some places – we got a Halloween! Yaaaaaaaay! We so happy. We hope you guys all like our outfits too.

First, we got Oliver, Piewhackits, Odysseus and Duchess!


Then, we got Domino, Pungy and Sneaky Pie!


We did not forget some treats too! So evfurrybody help yourself!




Evfurrybody has some fun!

…we figure that now she’s got it mostly figured out now on her PC, we need to make sure Mumsy gets plenty more practice and make us more posts now!

Hugs to evfurryone! Thank you for coming by to visit us. We appreciate each and every one of you, our Friends.

Has a happy!


October 14, 2012

Oh my Cod! We Finally Did a Post!

Hello evfurry one. We has to say we are not happy with our Mumsy.

We mean...how hard is it to make us a post?! Really! We has missed evfurry thing - ev-furry-thing! Ugh! Mo Cat's Day, Meow Like a Pirate, Livestrong... Ev-furry-thing! Just missed! We are soooooo upsetted.

All we gots to say is like this: Angel MoMo is hasing a Halloween Party - we better be there or we gonna has to think of something drag-stic. If anyone's gots suggestions, we are all listening!

Now, evfurrybody has a good weekend. And Mumsy better keep her keyboard close!