January 24, 2015

Domino, Today

Yes, wonderful Friends, it is Domino, Today!  And it isn’t even Mancat Monday.  Wow, are we behind in blog visiting and just about everything else.  But, you see, I had (or rather, “we” had) to sort out Mumsy.  Dear Friends, she kept her Art stuff packed away in the corner of the living room.  And, I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, it made for a grumpy Mumsy to always have to pack and unpack her Art-making things every time she wanted to work on her….stuff.  And, as we all know, a grumpy Mumsy is not conducive to getting treats.  So, I (Ugh, “we”) had to fix it.  I spent several days snoopervising the clearing out of two-thirds of Mumsy’s room so she could put all her Art-making stuff in there and set herself up a sort of creative space.

Here I am slaving away.  This yellow table was used by her Daddy to hold photo developing equipment.  Now, she draws and watercolors on it.

Domino On Table2

Here I am helping her place it in her new creative space.

Domino On Table

I was also hard at work on my Cat Scout activities.  I am very pleased and proud to be the first of the Kwee Cats to earn the Laser Eyes Merit Badge.  Here, I show off my efforts.

Domino Watermark

This watercolor is before the Creative Space I helped Mumsy, ummmm, create.  But, it’s still pretty creative.  Careful Fur-Friends you don’t scorch your paws when catching this Butter-Fly-Fire!  Mumsy and I hope you like it.


And now, Dear Friends, until next time, this is Domino saying: Help your humans; remember, they need it.  Much love and many hugs to you all, especially to all you wonderful humans who love and care for us all.

Have a happy today!


January 5, 2015

ManCat Monday with Oliver KweeCat

Hello Friends!

Oliver, here.  We are trying really hard to keep our little act together on posting and…stuff.  Since its been sooooo long since I’ve gotten to be Spokes Cat for one of our posts, here is a photo so you can remember what I look like.

IMG 0039

Handsome, huh?

Here is a look-alike me in a funny we really liked - funny thing is, we really are often times lounging in Amazon.com boxes!  (Mumsy saw it someplace on FB.  So, if we stole it from you - thank you very much for sharing it so we could!)

IMG 0037


On the Art scene, we are asking opinions.  We offer two versions of a “line drawing” Mumsy has drawn.  One is colorfied and one is mostly in black and white.  Please feel free to tell us in the comments, which version you like best.  Even with all our consultations from both sides of the fence, Mumsy still cannot decide which way she likes it better.  So, we’d love to know what you think.

Here is the mostly in black and white version.

IMG 0044

And here is the colorfied version.

IMG 0040


Okay, Folks.  I think that about does it for me on this ManCat Monday.  Except to say…. Everyone, Have A Happy!

Hugs and love to all our wonderful Friends.