April 26, 2015

Yup, its us!

We are hoping at least a few of our friends will still recognize us.  We’ve missed so much…we are sorry - really, we’re not happy we’ve been gone so long - AGAIN!  See, its our dysfunctional Mumsy’s fault.  This depression part of her mental disorder is tough and really mean.  It seriously affects her productivity on blog posts.

Anyway, we got some of us to share!


This is Piewhackits hogging the show, as usual.  She likes being all cute and lounging on the couch.


Odysseus and Oliver also like lounging on the couch.  They just have a different preference for position.  Hee-hee, they look like some weird three-eared cat, don’t they?


This is a little trip to Erewhon…for you guys that remember that place.  We still love to visit there with our Mumsy.


And this is some of Mumsy’s Tangle-ness Doodling stuff.  She did this one for a challenge with her Sketch Club peeps.  Yea, the “challenge” was to get her to quit working on it and fix dinner.

Well, we’re gonna buzz-buzz on outta here for now.  We sure hope someone…anyone….remembers us….still comes to visit….


Here’s an awful photo of Odysseus looking sad in a basket…..we hope someone remembers us….yup.  Yea, that really is a terrible picture.  We prolly shouldn’t even upload it.  But, hey!  We’re cats!  (That should explain everything.)

Hugs and love to everyone - Don’t forget to have a happy!