June 29, 2011

International Box Day


BoxDayTag (Large 300px)


Yeah!!!  It’s International Box Day!  Us Kwee Cats has been lookin forward to this day!


First we has Sneaky Pie in the box


Then we has Piewhackits, Odysseus and Pungy coming to check out SneakyPie in the box.  This is a true family picture.  Pungy (Pungy the Gray) is Mommy Cat to these three kitties.  She born them in the upstairs bathroom.


Next, we has Piewhackits givesin her litter brother SneakyPie a kitty-kiss.  Sweet, but we alls know she really workin on sweetin him out of the box.


Here, Pungy has her a Pungy-sized box.


Even shy Oliver takes a turn in the big box!  Yea Oliver!!!


Domino wants in the biggie box.  But Piewhackits has gotten comfy, now she don’t wanna get out of it, not even for Domino!  Brave Piewhackits  =^~^=


Don’t worry, Domino gets the biggie box too!


We gots lots more pictures our Mumsy took we bees sharing in days coming.  For now, she says there’s probably others what wants to get their pictures up too.  We can’t fills up all the Internets with just our pictures.  Hee-hee!


We hope you enjoyed our boxes as mush as we did, well…  Okay, we dis hope you enjoyed our boxes too  Open-mouthed smile



Wordless Wednesday 4 (Piewhackits)... (again)

From Kwee Cats

Make your Wednesday Wordless too!

June 28, 2011

Today, June 28, is our Mumsy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Mumsy!

June 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

Sneaky Pie is being coy in his basket.

This is how he likes to face Mondays.

June 24, 2011

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Fra-Fra-Fra-FRIDAY! :-)

Hey! Look at this WAAAAAAYYYYYY neat picture, please.

Our Miss Duchess is soooooo pleased, she just going round and round in figure 8's and purrrrrrrrrin her head off, she soooooo happy!

There is also a pretty picture of Prancer Pie and Athena too :-) Where oh where??? Here! At Zoolatry's post for today!

We so excited! We gots sooooo excited we posted under Mumsy's login, our login! We just went crazy!

Please, please go see their site, its here:

And just looks at ALL their stuff, AND the post with Miss Duchess, Prancer Pie and Athena - 'cos Zoolatry gots all sorta neat stuff alls over the place there.

Now, everybody go has a happy today!

June 21, 2011

Tuxie Tuesday, Our First

Today we bees doing our first Tuxie-Tuxedo Tuesday. We Kwee Cats has two Tuxedo Cats :-)

First, we has Domino. He is second oldest. Duchess is our oldest. Domino is our kitty family patriarch and statesman. If one of our kitty squabbles bumps into him, he settles it just real quick. We wuz our Domino :-)

Next we has Odysseus. She's a girl. She bees one of Pungy's kittens. (Sneaky Pie and Piewhackits are the other two.) When she was first born-ded, silly Mumsy thought Odysseus was a baby Tom. Pungy and her babies stayed in the upstairs bathroom. Odysseus was the Explorer and firstest one to come alls the way down the stairs by herselfs. On account of such exploring bravery, she gots her name. When Mumsy figured out later she was a girl, her name still stuck! Names are funny like that.

We hope you liked our firstest intro-duck-shuns of our Tuxedo Kwee Cats! And we hope alls everybody has a happy kinda day =^.^=

June 20, 2011

It's a Mancat Monday with our Oliver

Hi! We sure hope everybody had a good weekends.

Us mancats around here sure like this idea of Mancat Monday. Sneaky Pie usually hogs the camera. He loves has-ing his picture taken. Domino is our family patriarch. Oliver is our shy foofy kitty. Our Mumsy says he gives the best kitty hugs. She holds him facing her, tummy-to-tummy. Then he puts a paw on either side of her neck, nuzzles and just hugs and hugs! She thinks it's just so sweet. We think he's just showing off to get more Mumsy attention, yup.

So today at the kitty window, we has.... Oliver! Yeeeeaaaa!

We hope everybody has a happy day =^.^=

June 17, 2011

We Hope Everybody Has a Happy Weekend!

Sneaky Pie is gettin his Friday on!

(⌒▽⌒) Oh, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood ...

June 15, 2011

Please everybody, these kitties need some help.

Please Help Lil Em and Sapphire Avoid a “Cat”astrophe

These are two sweet kitties, and they need some help. They need a real and true forever home that will always love them.

If you can't, then please help get their message out. Thank you everybody.

Sneaky Pie over the dishwasher

If I don't looks at her, she can't see me either...

I've been spotted! Time to use my laser eyes! No, I'm not leaving the warm steamy spot, Mumsy!

=^.^= Everybody have a happy :-)

June 14, 2011

Who Loves the Sack?

Firstest, we wants to say a biggy-big kitty thank yous to alls you who was so vurry vurry nice and taught us we didna has to wurry about our glow eyes. We likes how they be kitty laser eyes. We has secret powers and didna even knows it! You guys are super.

Today, we has what we call, "Who loves the sack?"

First, Pungy loves the sack

Second, Domino loves the sack.

And third, Sneaky Pie loves the sack.

Sacks bees vurry popular at our house. We hope everyone enjoyed our sack too. And we hope everybody has a happy day :-)

(⌒▽⌒) Oh, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood ...

June 13, 2011

It's Mewn-day...he-he!!

Hi! We're makes-in another post. This Bloggerin is fun. We have one complaint though. Mumsy sure is takin a long time with our pictures. She takes our faces, and they go into the little box with the flashy thing. Then she gets alls upset about our glowing eyes and says she has to touch them afore we can bees sharing them. (We hope she knows what she's doin. She seems a little nervous abouts it.) We just wishes she'd hurry ups!

Then she said afour us to goes ahead and do a post, that we don't HAS to have a picture... Wheeeeeee

We sure hope everybody is happy today!

(⌒▽⌒) Oh, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood ...

June 10, 2011

Hey Everybody, Its Our Firstest Post

This is it! So we gots our betterest typer kitty on for our firstest post. We all are so excited! Alls our own Bloggerin sight. Our Mumsy bees still helpins us gets all our pick-tours reedy. That's Domino at the tops of our page. Next to Duchess, he bees the oldest so he gots that spot first. But we alls agreed we gets a share on it.

This is Miss Duchess. She gets this first post where as she's the ode-est kitty what lives here. She bees a cow-lick-oh turtles shell. She founded that in a book so its right. We wuz her. Especial Ohdeeseayes wuzes Miss Duchess. But she likes us to bees aleavin hers alone. She makes hisses, not kisses, at us ifs we gets two close.

In our first writes we kittys do, we make big thank youes to the very pretty Daisy the Curly Cat. She's a model. (Sneaky Pie hases a crushed on her, but he wants it two bees just alike a seekeret.) Our Mumsy starteds dooin the Wordless Wednesday cos she learnded it by seein Daisy's fun Wordless Wednesdays. Then we wanted our bloggers too. If it hadn't beans for Daisy showins Mumsy it bees fun, we propably never bees havin our own bloggers. Bunches of kitty thank yous, Daisy, from alls us Kwee Cats. You bees our hero-ess. (That bees a pretty lady hero.)

Well, now we will bees seeing yous guys all later! Thanks to everybody =^.^=