November 28, 2014

The Day After

We hope all of you had a super happy Thanksgiving.  This year, we are very thankful for all of our wonderful friends.  Each one of you means a lot to us.  There have been some truly dark days that you have brightened for us.  Thank you.

But, today we celebrate the day after Thanksgiving the best way we know how.  Domino will demonstrate.

2014 10 12 03 31 10

And since Thanksgiving is officially done, we guess the turkey can go back to chillaxing.

2014 11 25 00 39 35


Enjoy your weekend, dear Friends!  Hugs and love to all of you from all of us.


November 20, 2014

Laundry Day

We got inspired by Zoey at Zoolatry. Piewhackits loves to help Mumsy with the laundry around our house. Here she is hard at work.

We hope everyone is staying warm. We been loving our blankets. Our Art to share today is from a Facebook watercolor class Mumsy was taking. She did not get as into the class as she'd hoped she would. But that's okay. The name of the class was "Hello Courage". We hope it gives you a smile.

Thank you for visiting us, dear Friends! Stay warm and take care.