June 27, 2013

Pungy Poses

Mumsy's not sure who, exactly, "played" with the drywall in the kitchen. But she does have her usual suspects :-)


First Mumsy fell down the stairs, then she fell in the shower, and in between burned her right arm...it's something about her brain not talking to her left leg real clear. But her hands work real good for petting! We hope evfurrybody is doing super good. And no worries, Mumsy is doing much better. We gonna be okay! She can hobble over to fill the food dish a lot better now =^~^= Hee-hee...

Hugs, evfurrybody, and do have a happy.

June 12, 2013

Domino does today's Post.

We been working our way back, slowly but surely. It seems Mumsy forgot a lot on how to do some of this stuff. We guess it really is true that if you don't use it, you will lose it.

Domino won't be losing this box, on account of him using it - frequently.


Boxes will always be wuzzed as long as there are cats...and there will always be cats.

Art Therapy

In her Art Therapy, last month Mumsy worked on Blue Flowers. We think she just likes getting to color.

Mumsy's May Blue Flowers


June 3, 2013

Oh wow... so much has changed while we were gone. We feel like we woke up in a whole new world.  Good thing tomorrow is Hug Your Cat Day. We gonna be doing a lot of that.

We appreciate all our friends who have been concerned about our Mumsy and have missed us. Especially Mr. Clooney for coming to check on us. We are h oping Mumsy's improvement sticks better this time.  We also appreciate Ms. Ann at Zoolatry for all her emails. We purred for a lot of our friends and cried over others.
We hope evfurryone has a happy in your heart. Don't forget to hug your cat!