March 29, 2014

Air on Caturday

Well kitties, it's official. Mumsy's got her a new iPad, so now nothing's getting done. She's also got her a new iPhone, so we're in twice as deep!
This is me, Odysseus, in MY spot on Mumsy's leg, snoopervising. It's her first picture of me with her iPhone.
The second one was not much better.

This will not do.

She says the new iPad is an iPad "Air" but it whiffies a lot like the first one did to us. She's gone from a first gen iPad to this one, and from CatDaddy Junior's old not-smart phone to the iPhone 5S. It doesn't make bad flashiest like that flashie box does, so maybe things will work out.

We got a little bit of Art to share.

It's a tangle Mumsy drew. We sure hope you guys like it. It's at least better than her photo taking skills right now.

We gonna get back to the weekend now. Everybody, enjoy!


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March 25, 2014

Running the Heater - Again

Hi Kitties and Wonderful Friends!

We had us some great sunshine and even a couple of days warm enough to open the window for some great whiffies.  But today, it's cold again.  We even had to turn the heats back on...again.

Duchess is spending this chilly day chillin' in her snuggy warm bed.  (The photo is kind of dark on account of Mumsy is trying to not use the flash on the flashybox so much so we won't keep looking away right when she's ready to click it.  We tried making it brighter.  Believe it, it  does look better!)


In recognition of the colder air outside.  We are sharing a photo Mumsy took back in February when we had even more cold air and that slicky ice stuff.

2014-02-04 13.53.56

Be happy friends, and enjoy the warm sun if you got it!
Hugs :-)

March 17, 2014

New Look on Mancat Moday St Pat Day

Hi everyone! We got a lot going on today! Sneaky Pie is going to lead this post.

First off, hey! Look around at us! We got a new look all over and we are so excited. Wonderful and very talented Ms. Ann at Zoolatry has once again got us looking good. We are just thrilled. Mumsy even used the "gobsmacked" word she was so wowed at what Ms. Ann made for us! Thank you so much, Ms. Ann. You are the best!

Next we got me! Mr. Sneaky Pie... hello, Ladies :-) And hi to all you brother Mancats out there. Mumsy and I used her Procreate app on her iPad to fix me up for St. Patrick's Day.
 To celebrate our new look and St. Patrick Day, we got some Nip Ale for everyone! (There is also a Nip-Lite Ale version for the younger kitties and Nip Cream if they'd prefer that.) Get comfy and help yourself!
And last, but not least, we got a bit of Mumsy St. Patrick Day Art to share. This one she drew on her iPad using the Procreate app.

We hope everyone has a super good Mancat Monday, and a most excellent St. Patrick Day!

March 15, 2014

Piewhackits the Artist

Today, Piewhackits is doing our Caturday Art entry.  We just love this.  

It's fun to draw, and we are I am finding out it's fun to draw on a photograph!  Who'd ah thought?  We I used SketchBook Pro on Mumsy's iPad to make this one.  In an earlier post, we I told how I love to have to help Mumsy water color for it to turn out pretty. I especially like the colors blue and green.

You guys can check it all out here:  Athena Cat Goddess - Caturday Art.  Enjoy your weekend!


March 14, 2014

Friday, almost Flashing Back

Pungy says Fridays are comfy too.  This is a kind of flashback Friday as the picture was taken on October 6, 2011.

For our Art to share, Mumsy finally got all the water colors painted on this one.  These are some little critters that live in her imagination - and she's got a lot of imagination!  :-)  hee-hee

Now we got to go get started on our Caturday Art photo!  Everyone smell some flowers and have a happy!


March 10, 2014

Piewhackits and the Pansies

Piewhackits loves to help Mumsy.  She especially likes to help when Mumsy does her Arts.  Odysseus likes to help with the drawing, but Piewhackits loves to help with the watercolors.

This project included some green on her pink paws, and a bit of blue to her pink nose.  But, as you can see, she cleaned up just fine :-) and ready to help with Mumsy's next project.

We think this one turned out okay.

Mumsy has the drawn version before it got painted and this finished version posted on her blogginer, My Kwee Life.

Peace everyone - be happy.

March 8, 2014

Caturday Art

From Mr. Clooney we learned about this Caturday Art that Athena the Cat Goddess is doing.  They got some super cool photo stuff going on over there.  We just had to try it.  This is also our first ever blog hop!  We never hopped before...  Well, Sneaky Pie does when he goes down the stairs.

Odysseus is our first entry!

Yup, this is fun!  We are already looking forward to next week.  Hmmmmm, who'll be next???

Hugs everybody!

March 6, 2014

Hello... Anyone still remember us???

Hey, a big thank you to our wonderful friend, Mr. Clooney, and his wonderful family.  You guys encourage us, and help us think of keeping going, a whole lot more than you'd ever guess.  Thank you for checking on us even though our last post is older than some of the cats now on the Blogosphere!  =^~^=

There's no pretty way to say it, Mumsy here has physical and mental illnesses that just give her problems sometimes.  When the problems flare up or get worse, I get super depressed and withdrawn.  The longer I stay withdrawn, the harder it is to come back.

My Therapist keeps urging (by that I mean insisting and prodding) that I do something to reconnect with the outside world.  This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I'm sure I sound like an idiot.  But, well, there you go.


Thanks to Ms. Ann at Zoolatry we quietly kept up with what was going on.  Nivki, you guys over at Fuzzy Tales have really been having a hard time too!  We hope better feeling days are coming soon for all of you.

Thank you, everyone.