January 5, 2015

ManCat Monday with Oliver KweeCat

Hello Friends!

Oliver, here.  We are trying really hard to keep our little act together on posting and…stuff.  Since its been sooooo long since I’ve gotten to be Spokes Cat for one of our posts, here is a photo so you can remember what I look like.

IMG 0039

Handsome, huh?

Here is a look-alike me in a funny we really liked - funny thing is, we really are often times lounging in Amazon.com boxes!  (Mumsy saw it someplace on FB.  So, if we stole it from you - thank you very much for sharing it so we could!)

IMG 0037


On the Art scene, we are asking opinions.  We offer two versions of a “line drawing” Mumsy has drawn.  One is colorfied and one is mostly in black and white.  Please feel free to tell us in the comments, which version you like best.  Even with all our consultations from both sides of the fence, Mumsy still cannot decide which way she likes it better.  So, we’d love to know what you think.

Here is the mostly in black and white version.

IMG 0044

And here is the colorfied version.

IMG 0040


Okay, Folks.  I think that about does it for me on this ManCat Monday.  Except to say…. Everyone, Have A Happy!

Hugs and love to all our wonderful Friends.



  1. My human says she likes the colored one best because you can see some of the patterns better when they are colored in and it makes the image more dynamic. Me? I'd just like an Amazon box!

  2. Wwe like that Amazon box too and what a cute kitty in the box.
    We like the colored version a lot. That is really nice. Take care.

  3. Both are very nice ...but I think I like the version with color. It really pops! Great work.


  5. Hi guys and happy new year!

    We like both, but lean to the coloured version as well. :-)

  6. We get cat beds from Amazon too Oliver! Hey, we like following those lines!!!

  7. We like the colored one because it shows off the pattern a little better. Very nice!

  8. Hello most handsome Oliver! You are looking mighty fine today! We like the colored pattern better

  9. Hi Oliver !
    You do look a lot like the cat in the Amazon box :)
    Me too LOVE to sleep in boxes !

    Me and my mom-person prefers the colored one too :)

  10. #1. Yes, very handsome, indeed.
    #2. Pictures of cats in boxes work every time.
    #3. The line drawin' with the colours is my pick, I think. Like how those colours work and whatnot.
    #4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    #5. Hmmm... that's all I've got.


  11. Oliver, you are most handsome. Do you have a girlfriend? My Phoebe is looking for a long distance relationship with a handsome mancat. I like both drawings, but prefer the colored one.

  12. Glad to see you Oliver. Yes we have a few of the A boxes here to lounge in also. We all really like the colored drawing and feels it represents some long ago magical lock on a vast vault of treats!

  13. Hey Oliver! It sure is good to see you. We love Amazon boxes too!
    Mom says that she likes the colored version best. But she is always a fan of color :)

  14. Olivier! So good to see you this morning! Our mom is partial to the black and white one because she says you can see all the work put into it with distracting color but what does she know? She's learned everything she knows about art from our painting brother Quint!

  15. dood...yur bed rocks....plus itz way port a bull ...N consoomer friend lee !!

    we likes de design yur mom did...a lot !! we likes de color fied de best coz it makes it stand out !!

    her bee veree talented...heerz what we can draw ~~~~

  16. Me and my mum like the coloured one the best too because it stands out more. That is a cute pic of the kitty in the box.

  17. Oliver!! It is soooo good to see you!
    Hmmm....Mom said she loves them both but she is super partial to ANYTHING that is black and white, so she is leaning in that direction!
    Love, Cody

  18. You look better in black but I like the colorful one best. I’m not into boxes lately but haven’t seen an Amazon box in ages.

  19. No # 2 color look more interesting !
    And Thanks Oliver for purring for me

  20. Well first off Oliver yous do look quite handsum. Dat impawster has nuffin' on you. :) As fur da dwawin', we like da colowed one bestest. Hope dat helps.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  21. Oh Oliver so good to see you, you are so handsome, we adore house panthers! That meme is so cute. Ok, we like both of Mumsy's pieces but will go for the colorfied one. Have a great week Mumsy and Kwee kitties!

  22. We like cozying up in Amazon boxes, too, handsome Oliver! :)

    We like the colored version of Mumsy's line drawing better, because there seems to be more depth and texture.

  23. We don't know we missed your post but we did. :( Bad Momma, we need to hire us a new Assistant! Oliver you sure do look very handsome in the Amazon box, aren't they good and sturdy? We love boxes. We think your Mom's artwork is great and we always look forward to it. Hope to see more of you!


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