September 4, 2011

Labor of Love Thank You to ML

Us Kwee Cats have not been in the Cat Blogosphere as long as most of our wonderful friends. But it did not take us long to figure out, it is a great place to be! So from Mumsy Kwee and all the Kwee Cats, we give big purrs and many kitty kisses with our super thank you to ML, for all the wonderful caring things she does all the time. (((HUGS))) to you, ML!

(We put Sneaky Pie to work in doing the honors holding our Thank You in place.)

Thank you, Ev-furry-body :-)


  1. That sure was a nice tribute, Kwee friends! ML and KC are the bestest, aren't they?

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  2. Very nice post for ML and KC
    You have a lovely day, Kwee Cats

    PS : We saw you guys in LOL Cat. so funny !!!

  3. Yay for ML and cute KC- they are the best!!!

    Still some more food left - come and we'll clean it up before the party finishes at MN.

  4. Fank you so much, Kwee Cats.
    You are one great looking bunch of kitties, I must say. Love your banner.
    Love & Purrs,

  5. Great tribute. We haven't been here long, either. But, we luf it! Purrs.

  6. That ML is so special and we thank her for all she does!

  7. We're new too, but we've come to realize the same thing! Lovely post!

  8. Sneaky Pie does such a good job at holding that thank-you! We're so glad you're all here!

  9. Yup, that ML is the best of the best. She does work so hard on the cat blogosphere. Thanks for posting about her. Take care.

  10. Thanks for coming by and help me to celebrate (and clean up). There is no problem about being late at all since we don't know when exactly was my birthday nor the date of my arrival, other than 'early September'.

    Hope your mom is feeling better and there were no bad problems that took her to the human vets.

    With over 80 visitors we raised $42 for the Cat Protection Society. Of course we would like to contribute more but that would have to wait until SS get a permanent and/or full time job.

  11. What a nice tribute to ML - she sure does a lot of nice stuff for kitties and their friends.

    I love your pictures of your visit to San Fran - Glad you had a good time! T.

  12. Sweet Sneaky Pie is adorable. We love ML too and the CB.

  13. Hi Domino and Odysseus! We would love to have you as Members of the Tuxedo Gang!! We will introduce you to the Tuxie Gang next week!
    Your Tuxie furiends, and Samantha

  14. we need to get our mama going there too. she went once and was too busy to go again.

    Emma and Buster

  15. We are sorry it took us awhile to get our Momma back in gear ... we love Sneaky Pie's Thank you to ML! That was super sweet!

  16. how soes one get the name of Sneaky pie?

  17. We are reading along and enjoying all. Just getting back to the postings on the Blogs. Hope all is well with everyone.


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