June 17, 2015

We Kwee Cats on Wednesday

The middle of the week seems to be a good time to catch up.  We want to share some of the stuff we’ve been up to lately.

First, Domino got his Yoga Merit Badge in Cat Scouts.  He’s doing his “Nose Gently Kissing Tail in Westward Setting Puddle of Sun” move that he practiced till he got it perfect for the Yoga Badge.  And, as you can see, he’s on his preferred mat of paper that makes a very nice crinkle sound.

2015 June 15 Domino Gets CS Yoga Badge


And Pungy got her Family Love Merit Badge by writing a poem to Mumsy.

2015 June 16 CS Pungy Family Love Badge


Next, we won this awesome prize from Sammy and his Tuesday Teaser event.

2015 June 16 Won Greenie from Sammy

There were some other prizes, but they weren’t as good as this one….yup.  If you’d like to play too, Sammy has one each Tuesday on his blog, One Spoiled Cat. You should totally go check it out.  Unless, for some reason you don’t like prizes….hmmmmmm, we’d never thought of that possibility before.

And we got a Mumsy drawing to share!  She did this for a Challenge in her Sketch Club.

IMG 6864

We think that does it for us for today.  We sure hope all you wonderful Friends have a good rest of the week.  Thank you very much for coming to visit it - we greatly appreciate it.  We got the best Friends ever!  Lots of hugs and love to all of you, we’ll see you later.




  1. Awesome job by Domino and Pungy in Cat Scouts! We are so proud of you, advancing like that! :)

    That prize collage you won from Sammy is really cool and unique. Congratulations!

    Mumsy's drawing is fabulous! We love the colors, and how it conveys so much movement.


  2. guys...total lee rockin awesum jobs in yur cat scouts patrolz !! YAY !!! all sew total lee awesum iz yur collage frum sammy N yur momz sketch ....itz sooper kewl....de best de food gurl heer can due in sketchin iz thiz




  3. Well done Pungy and Domino!
    Con cats of the win over at Sammy's!
    You're on a roll!
    Beautiful piece of art by your Mom!

  4. Very pretty painting. Concats on the awards.

  5. Y'all are rocking the Scouts!!!! Hey, that drawing Mom did is stunning!

  6. You all have been busy. Paws up on getting those Scout badges.

  7. YAY for getting some badges at Scouts!!!!!! Also, I'm glad you liked your BIG GREENIE for having no clue about my Teaser photo this week....Tuesday Teasers are so much fun - thanks for joining in. Don't forget tomorrow is International Box Day! I bet you kitties have lotsa great boxes to play in - right?

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. ConCATS on the merit badges and on the Big Greenie award! That's the one we win EVERY week at Sammy's! MOL! That drawing of your mom's is very beautiful!

  9. your Mom is sooooooooooooooo talented and concatulations on the prizes!! xoxo

  10. Great job Domino and Pungy! My Sammy hasn't gotten the yoga one yet, he doesn't do a lot of poses :) The Big Greenie is what we always get too - except one time- we were first gueeser :)

  11. You have been busy!! ConCats on the merits and awards. We love the painting!! xxx

  12. Lots of good stuff going on here! Congrats Domino, sweet yoga pose! Pungy, we love you and your poem, Congrats too! And Mumsy's drawing is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. So many wonderful things going on for all of you. Congratulations on winning the prize The big Greenie. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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